dimarts, 1 de febrer de 2011

5th and 6th students cooked pizza at English class

We are Emma, Catherine, Irene and Pablo and we are in Benicolet's school.
We were working recipes at English class.We wrote a pizza recipe and on the 1st of February we made it.This is our recipes and the pictures:

Peperone and bacon’s pizza

You need:

A pizza base

A can of tomato

7 slices of salami

5 slices of bacon

200 gr. of grated cheese

1.First put the tomato on the pizza base.

2.Second put the salami on the tomato.

3.Then put the bacon on the salami.

4.Next put the grated cheese on the pizza.

5.Finally, put the pizza in the oven for 20 min. at 180º.

It’s delicious!!!

Andy also prepared his special pizza and it was delicious. Thank you very much!!!!!